How online event registration can help you to green your wedding

As our negative impact on the environment becomes increasingly apparent, a global awareness of our actions and their consequences has come to the fore. We’re more mindful of the way our daily routines can help or hinder the earth, and things like recycling and re-using are now commonplace.

When it comes to events, the old school thinking that paper invitations are essential has been replaced by a preference for online invitations. The world of events plays a major role in the generation of invites – without an online alternative, these would have a massively detrimental effect on the environment. Where weddings are concerned, however, couples still seem to be under the (false) impression that paper invitations are somehow more prestigious than their digital counterparts.  If you’re still considering opting for paper invitations, these statistics may sway your opinion.

The average wedding generates a minimum of 1000 pieces of paper – roughly 12% of a tree.

While this may not sound too dire, if everyone opted for paper over online, we’d very soon inhabit a world entirely devoid of an essential component of our ecosystem. Let’s break it down: A wedding of 100 guests will generate: ‘Save the date’ = 100 pieces of paper. A postcard for RSVPs = 100 pieces. Thank you notes = another 100. Photographs = yet another 100. Gift registry forms = 100 pieces. Maps to your venue = 100. Don’t forget envelopes = a whopping 300. Your grand total? 1000 pieces of paper – a pretty substantial contribution to deforestation. This, added to the fact that the paper and pulp industry is one of the largest industrial users of water means that if you’re serious about having a green wedding, paper invites are a definite no.

Weddings with a low carbon foot print rely on multiple factors in order to reduce their environmental impact.

Choosing a venue that’s close by, as opposed to one that requires a lengthy trip is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions. Opting to use locally-grown, seasonal fare instead of ingredients that have travelled thousands of kilometers isn’t only a greener option, it’s often more cost-effective too. Eschew traditional thank you gifts by giving your guests a keepsake that’s kind to the environment, and won’t be thrown away as soon as the champagne headache wears off. Gifting your loved ones with indigenous seeds that can be planted as a commemoration of your nuptials is a popular option.

If you want your big day to be authentically green, don’t undermine your other eco-friendly choices by using paper invites.

Using online event management tools has multiple benefits – they’re not only earth-friendly but will assist you in streamlining a process that often results in many a pre-wedding argument. Sending out and receiving your RSVPs will be speeded up substantially, and you’ll also be able to record preferences like dietary requirements. All of this information can be instantly captured and updated on an iCal – compared to reams and reams of paper that is more often than not displaced, and then thrown away.

A common misconception is that online event registration tools mean you’ll have to compromise on the aesthetics of your invites.

Brides-to-be or event managers tasked with planning a wedding are often of the opinion that email invitations won’t look as ‘pretty’ as their paper equivalents. Luckily, this isn’t the case. Online event registration software enables you to create invites that are both pleasing to the eye and carbon neutral. What’s more, you’ll be able to link your invitations to a microsite – complete with RSVP functionality, a map to your wedding, a link to your gift registry and a photo album of your special day. In addition, you’ll be able to forgo paper thank you cards by sending out emails instead.

Planning a green wedding doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. By using online event registration tools, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your nuptials are both eco-conscious and a streamlined, well-organised affair that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Image Credit: Wedding Mania