Why you should be paying more attention to your event attendance report

As they say, it’s all in the numbers. When it comes to corporate events, it’s imperative that you track your guests’ attendance – for a number of reasons. (We’ll get into those below.) We’re devotees of data, which is why we coined the term ERM. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Event Relationship Management is the process whereby data is collected and analysed in order to create events – as well as marketing strategies – that resonate with guests. Without any insight into who attended your event – and who didn’t – providing your guests with an experience that will result in ROI is akin to trying to find a parking space in Ballito over December – futile.

Your event attendance report provides you with the necessary insight to give guests an engaging experience of your brand – from your event right through to your marketing materials

Being able to collect information about your guests’ demographics means that you’re able to pinpoint who your target market is, and then build marketing strategies, products, services and future events around their needs. When compiled correctly, you’ll be able to build a crystal-clear picture of who your guests are, giving you a solid foundation upon which to build future brand touchpoints.

An attendance report makes it easy to identify trends in your guests’ attendance

By analysing event attendance metrics, you’ll be able to identify patterns in your event attendance that may previously have gone unseen, and which may be costing you money. For example, you may notice that one guest repeatedly accepts your invitations, only to never show up. Or that another guest who failed to RSVP ended up arriving at the last minute – with partner in tow! Having access to this information will assist in deciding which guests to invite to future events, as well as give you insight into how many guests, on average, show up announced – helping you to cater to the fact.

Your attendance report – when compiled via the use of corporate event planning software – guarantees that your data is accurate

Not all data is equal. Counting the number of left-over name tags post event is a far cry from having access to that information via software that was updated as guests arrived. Unfortunately, far too many event planners do this manually, leaving room for error as data is captured the old-fashioned way – with pen and paper – and then inserted into an Excel spreadsheet. This tiresome process is not only outdated, it’s moot too. Corporate events can be expensive marketing affairs, which means that it’s crucial your numbers aren’t skewed when working out whether or not your budget was put to good use.

A comprehensive event attendance report requires an easy way to input information into a central repository that’s updated in real time

In order to ensure that the data gathered in your attendance report is accurate, you’ll need to have Event Management Software at your disposal. Our  enables you to collect, store, update and then analyse all of your event data. Make sure your attendance reports are accurate. Find out more about our software, here.

Image Credit: crowdfundbeat.com