Why your post-event survey is the focus group of the future

It’s not news that the world of marketing is changing; as brands – big and small – attempt to maximise the impact of their marketing campaigns while minimising spend, a new approach to gathering data about your target market is needed. The rise of the informed consumer, coupled with our ‘always on’ culture means that what’s relevant today may not be tomorrow.

Besides being expensive and laborious to implement, traditional consumer surveys and focus groups aren’t accurate reflections of consumer sentiment. In fact, studies have shown that people tend to cast a brand in a more favourable light when questioned in a group setting, as opposed to giving feedback that’s confidential. (I’ll find the article).

In short, keeping up to date with your target market’s sentiments requires a strategy that can be quickly and easily rolled out, without having to fork out a large advertising spend. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Collecting this invaluable information is as easy as conducting a post-event survey. You’ve got a veritable treasure chest of information about your target market right under your nose in the form of your event attendees. Make sure that you’re cashing in on this opportunity by incorporating a post-event survey into your marketing research.

Still not convinced that a post-event survey is the focus group of the future? Consider the following:

Because a post-event survey is personal, a guest is that much more likely to respond authentically.

Sent to a guest via either email or SMS, your guests interact with a post-event survey on a one-on-one level. This means there’s a significantly higher chance that the information you receive is an honest reflection of their sentiments and experience, as they’re able to furnish you with information without having to share their sentiments with a group. They don’t have to risk having it come under scrutiny from the public as might happen if they were to post their opinion on a social media channel.

The immediacy of a post-event survey further encourages accurate feedback.

A post event survey is conducted immediately after someone’s experience with your brand, which means that their feedback is more accurate. Sending your guests a survey as soon as they’ve walked out of an event – or even just as the event is coming to a close – capitalises on the fact that their experience is still top of mind. In other words, the sooner you send out a post-event survey, the better.

A post event survey essentially gives you insight into your guests’ sentiments towards, and expectations of, your brand.

Being able to establish the ways in which your guests perceive your brand after having attended your event is crucial. Furthermore, finding out if their expectations were met, what their opinions of the event are and whether any disappointments were experienced provides you with an invaluable wealth of information.

A post-event survey is a direct line of communication with your target market – making the information contained therein a priceless resource not only for future events, but for your marketing strategies as a whole. Once you’ve established what your guests are thinking and feeling, you’re better equipped to create brand touch points that resonate and engage.

The post-event surveys that provide the best feedback are the ones that ask the right questions.

The quality of the information you’re able to glean from your post event surveys is directly related to the questions you ask. Each event has a different guest list, objective and unique quality; make sure to tailor your questions towards not only the event, but the brand itself too. Bear in mind that no one wants to answer a lengthy survey –ensure your questions need a simple  “yes” or “no” answer, and avoid respondents losing interest by sticking to eight questions at the most. Remember: you need to make it as easy as possible for people to answer; in our digitally-driven age, attention spans are shorter than ever.

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Image credit – Survey Analytics Blog