How QR code software is changing the face of South African events

Human hands holding mobile phone

An influx of innovative technology is increasingly influencing the South African event landscape. More than ever before, brands are able to equip themselves with sophisticated event planning and management tools in order to make the best impression possible on their guests.

One of the most powerful tools that’s doing just this is QR code software. QR codes bridge the divide between a physical event and the digital sphere. The use of QR codes is increasing exponentially, thanks to their ability to swiftly register and check guests in, as well as their function as a data gathering tool.

Brands who’re using QR code software at their events are successfully showcasing themselves in the best light possible.

No one likes to stand in a queue. If a long line that snakes out of the door and spills onto the steps of your venue is the first thing a guest sees, you’ve already conveyed a negative message about your brand. Registration and check-in processes are a guest’s first physical interaction with your event, which means that ensuring that this is a pleasant experience is pivotal. QR code software speeds up this process, and positions your brand as one that’s tech-savvy – and therefore, a brand that people want to engage with.

The benefits of using QR code software are both tangible and emotive.

While QR code software enables your event planners to streamline the management of your event, they also evoke a positive sentiment in the user. Possessing a unique QR code conveys a sense of exclusivity to your guests – an emotion that’s incredibly powerful in them forming an emotional bond – and hopefully attachment – to your brand.

QR code software is predominantly used for secure access control.

VIP events require heightened security – and without the use of QR code software – access to your event is at the mercy of human error. From the time a guest enters the conference room, to the number of times they exit and enter the main venue, a QR code allows you to track the movements of your guests.

A large conference with hundreds of delegates often consists of various sessions that involve select attendees. Thanks to QR code software, there’s no talking your way into a venue or break-away session. If a guest’s QR code doesn’t permit them access, they won’t be able to enter the designated area.

Most importantly, QR codes are a powerful source of real time intelligence about your event.

When used in conjunction with a sophisticated event management system, QR code software enables brands to obtain invaluable insight into their guests’ behaviour – information which they would otherwise not have access to. I’ve spoken before about the absolute necessity of having as much information about your guests as possible. This is so important for the sole reason that you’re able to create events that resonate with your particular target market.

Don’t let this crucial data go to waste.

Image credit – Ezleads4u