RSVP Best Practice – Electronic Invitations and the RSVP process

Even if you’ve never given it much thought, the RSVP custom is, in fact, a little more involved than simply asking would-be guests whether they’ll be attending your wedding, cocktail party, golf day, or technical conference… There are, as with everything etiquette-related, rules to follow and expectations to be met.

Equally as important as the invitation design and wording is the RSVP. You can use this as an opportunity to gather more from your guest than a simple attendance indication, such as:

  •  Whether that guest will be bringing a partner
  • What, if any, dietary preferences/allergies that guest might have
  • If that guest is coming from out of town – might they need accommodation or transport to be arranged for them
  • Other event preferences or special needs they might have

Testing and sending your invite

Once the design has been finalised, the copy has been proofed, and you’re sure that you’ve got all the required RSVP fields in your invitation, The RSVP Agency would put the invitation into Test Phase – which is basically the electronic version of a dress rehearsal.

Your invitation should be given a trial run, and it’s at this stage that you’ll pick up any bugs or errors. There’s also opportunity for you, as the event organiser, to suddenly remember that you need to include additional information, or change the venue address – all of which can be done easily and quickly.

Once all the bugs and kinks have been worked out of the invitation, it should be sent to your guest list, via email. The RSVP Agency’s service focuses on high email delivery rates to ensure your mails get through. With 85% of the world’s email classified as spam, The RSVP Agency focuses on meeting global emailing standards to ensure the highest possible delivery rates.

Email invitation responses

With electronic invites, you receive a ‘Bounces and Out Of Office Report’ which tracks invitation bounces and out of office notifications to show the status of guests who have not accepted or declined your invitation yet. Instead of wondering whether they’ll ever respond, you can use the Live Reporting functionality in the RSVP Dashboard to see live stats on Acceptances, Declines, and those who haven’t made up their minds yet.

Our consultants are fully briefed on all event details in case they are asked for details pertaining to specifics around the event. When it comes to the day of your actual event, should you require them, our professional team of hosts and hostesses will ensure your event runs smoothly.Worried that your invite has gone unnoticed in an important guest’s inbox? We have a solution! Our professional consultants call guests that have not yet accepted your electronic invitation, to ask them for their answer.

From the more traditional registration to iPad acceptance and biometrics technology – we’ve got the services you need – and we’re here to help with your event right from the guest list building phase, through to welcoming them at the door. For more best practices and professional RSVP offerings, contact us for a demo.