Seven traits of exceptional event planners

Making it as a corporate event planner takes a lot more than being a multi-tasking magician. I’ve worked with hundreds of event planners over the years, and noticed that those who’re the most successful have the following seven traits in common:

1. Top event planners are aware of their own limitations.

This is without a doubt one of the most important qualities of those who succeed in the industry. Instead of over-extending themselves and eventually burning out, event planners who’re ahead of their peers know their strengths, as well as the areas that they need help in. Far too many event planners are a jack of all trades, and the master of none. Instead of trying to do everything on their own, great event managers identify what they’re able to do, and then delegate the rest.

2.  Top event planners curate a staff of highly-skilled individuals.

They don’t settle for working with just anyone; they select and then nurture skilled, competent staff and grow them into a team that can work together, playing off each other’s strengths. Each team member brings a unique set of skills to the table – whether it’s an eye for décor detail, a knack for coming up with innovative creative concepts, or a talent for crunching the numbers.

3. Top event planners value their human resources.

Industry-leading event planners look after their employees. They know that happy workers are hard workers, which is why they make sure that they’re cultivating a company culture which encourages each member of staff to thrive. Whether with incentives, perks or an overall great working culture, event planners who’ve got a team of driven individuals at their side prioritise the happiness of their employees.

4.  Top event planners are master fortune tellers.

While event planners won’t be found staring into a crystal ball, their eyes are firmly on the (figurative) horizon. They’re great at predicting future scenarios, as well as planning for any eventuality.  What’s more, they know that every single event and client comes with its own set of challenges, which is why they’re great at interpreting and planning for a wide array of possible scenarios. They’re able to learn from past events, and then use this knowledge to plan for potential pitfalls.

5. Top event planners invest in their professional relationships.

As in any industry, succeeding in the eventing space relies on the quality of your professional relationships. Leading event planners dedicate themselves to nurturing good relationships with every single person they do business with. They listen, pay attention and form connections with their vendors, suppliers and clients, in an effort to create connections which facilitate great working relationships.

6. Top event planners are tech-savvy.

All of the top event planners I know arm themselves with mobile apps and software which help to make their lives that much easier. They’re able to pull up information wherever they are, stay on top of a myriad of tasks, and streamline their events thanks to the fact that they’re unafraid of embracing new technology. Whether it’s using the latest RSVP software or a mobile app to conquer their email, by incorporating innovative technology into their day-to-day lives they’re able to boost their productivity without increasing their stress levels.

7.    Top event planners are data scientists.

Instead of relying on intuition or hearsay to figure out how an event panned out, the event planners who consistently garner ROI from their events are the ones crunching the numbers. They know that accurate data about every single facet of their event is crucial, which is why they make sure that they’re equipped with the right software to collect, store and interpret this data. They’re able to present accurate post-event reports to their clients, as well as gather a whole host of pertinent information about their guests.

Image credit – Inn at Loretto