The six qualities of effective event branding

the-six-qualities-of-effective-event-branding Corporate events are by definition, fiercely competitive. No matter how established your brand is, or how sizeable your budget, you’re competing against numerous other companies who’re all trying to garner the attention and buy-in of a finite amount of guests. Beating the odds relies on an informed, strategic approach; in order to succeed, your corporate event branding needs to be unobtrusive, cohesive and crucially – tailored to your audience.


Anyone can slap their logo onto some banners and table numbers; but not everyone is able to clearly convey the personality and objective of their event in a way that puts their guests’ experience on centre stage. As we wrote in our Guide to Turning your Events into Marketing Gold, event branding that shouts your message from the rooftops – in the hopes that someone will stop to listen, is not only antiquated, but ineffective too. You need to be able to ‘speak’ to your guests in a way that’s that pulls them toward you – instead of merely foisting your brand’s messaging onto your audience, with little regard for whether they actually want to hear it or not.


The entire point of implementing event branding is to fulfil the objective of your event. In order to meet your goal – whether it’s launching a new product or increasing sales – your event branding needs to strategically (and seamlessly) nurture your guests down your specific attendee journey. The ultimate goal of your event branding? To successfully transform your guests into a brand advocates, and hopefully, customers.


Event branding entails all interactions your guests have with your event – from their invitations, to the event itself, to any post-event communication you have with them. All of these touch points have to cohesively combine to form a strong message – from your fonts, to your logo, to your colour scheme, to your tone and voice. All of these elements need to work in synergy in order to denote the bigger event branding picture.


Your guests expect an experience, and your event branding plays a pivotal role in creating one that’s either mediocre or marvellous. Interactive event branding that’s valuable – and importantly – pleasurable leaves a far stronger and longer-lasting experience than branding that’s one-dimensional and positions your guests as spectators. Guests today want to be participants instead of merely a name on a list. Make sure that your event branding includes interactive touch-points that resonate on an emotional level compared to merely an aesthetic one.

Starts a conversation

As we mentioned above, preaching your marketing message to your guests is now an event branding faux-pas. In order to ensure that your event lives on in the minds of your guests long after they’ve left the venue, yours needs to act as a conversation starter. Many events inadvertently position themselves as a one night stand – make sure yours is setting the foundation of a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. A powerful way to do this is by implementing post-event surveys – this enables you to garner all-important feedback, and is also a way to address your guests as valued individuals.


In order to effectively use your event branding as a way to establish a relationship with your guests, you’ll need to know as much as you can about them. Event Management Software not only streamlines the entire event planning process, it also allows you to collect invaluable information about your guests. Event branding that’s built around the demographics of your guests, as well as their event history (previous events attended, personal food, accommodation and travel preferences, etc.) is the only way to ensure that your event truly resonates and results in that all-important ROI.

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