Six things to look for in corporate event management software

The right event management software can elevate your events, simplify the entire event process and streamline operations. In short, it’s an investment that pays off tenfold. The wrong corporate event management software, however, can eat into your precious time, unnecessarily complicate tasks, and end up as a massive waste of money.

So how to do you avoid ending up with a white elephant? By making sure that your choice boasts the following six features and functionalities:


1. End-to-end event management 

Many so-called event management platforms purport to be an all-encompassing solution, but when you click past the shiny veneer, they’re only good for tackling a handful of event management tasks. It’s only worth investing in a solution that enables you to manage the entire event planning process: from sending out the very first ‘Save the Date’ to compiling a post-event report.


2. Superior data capturing capabilities

The right data plays a pivotal role in planning and orchestrating events that resonate with guests and successfully garner ROI. But without a way to collect, collate and analyse this information, data collection can be a full-time job. Look for a solution that enables you to draw information from every single event touchpoint: from customisable form fields in invitations to guest polls and surveys via an event app.

3. Cloud-based

Event planning is a 24/7/365 gig, which means that you need software that doesn’t tie you to a desk. Choosing an option that’s not only cloud-based but updated in real-time too, means that you can manage a complex RSVP process, vendors and team members on the go.


4. Easy to use

Powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated to use. Time is of the essence – event planning doesn’t leave time for learning how to navigate a complex program. Event management software should be simple to use, without compromising on its capabilities.


5. Secure

As data becomes the currency of the 21st century, the stakes associated with being privy to sensitive personal information are higher than ever before. Your choice of corporate event management software should offer secure ways of storing and protecting this precious information. Importantly, it should achieve this in a way that’s POPI compliant.


6. Used by industry leaders

A good litmus test for any potential purchase is by looking at the companies who currently use the product in question. A reputable provider will be happy to share these details if they’re not already readily available on their website. If you’re still not 100% convinced, they should be more than happy to offer you a free demo and talk you through their software.

Make sure that your investment in corporate event management software is a wise one. Download our brochure or give us a call to find out why our RSVP software is the right solution for you.