Six tips to help you get the most out of your event registration software

If you’re using event registration software, congratulations! You’re on your way to creating world class events. While event management software can take your events from zero to hero, you do need to be equipped with the necessary know how to get the most out of your software.  We’re by no means suggesting that you need to be a tech guru, but a little know-how goes a long way. We’ve compiled six tips to help you maximise on the tool at hand.

1. Keep your registration forms short

Ever attempted to buy something online, only to be met with a checkout process that’s so laborious you abandon your cart in frustration? Event registration forms are no different. No one wants to fill out lengthy forms, which means that in order to set the right tone from the get go, you need to make this task as easy as possible for guests. Short and sweet wins, hands down.

2. Personalise event reminders

With the relevant data at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for generic reminders. Nothing puts a person off more than feeling like a nameless number on a list. The beauty of event registration software, however, is that you can easily segment your guest lists according to the people who’ve RSVP’d yes, and those who haven’t yet responded. Personalise your follow-ups accordingly – this goes a long way in demonstrating that each and every guest is important to you – and will help to increase attendance rates as a result.

3. Include the five Ws in your invitations

The five Ws – who, what, why, when and where – don’t only apply to journalistic best practice, but to event invitations too. Make sure you’re not leaving guests in the dark by including all the relevant logistical information about the event. Remember that a guest should never have to work to obtain information about an event.

4. Include an incentive in your invitations

Merely including the whys and whens in an invitation won’t result in a stellar attendance rate. Your invitation has to excite your guests, clearly indicating the ways that attending your event will benefit them. No one wants to go to a run-of-the-mill event; your guests need to be incentivised in order to show up. Bear in mind that because the benefit of your event is bound to be an intangible one, you’ll need to use convincing copy to illustrate this.

5. Don’t neglect the power of verbal communication

When coupled with the power of your event registration software, reaching out and calling a guest who hasn’t RSVP’d lends a personal, and much appreciated touch to their event experience. Use this opportunity to get to know your guests – any additional information you glean from the call can be saved in your data repository – adding another layer of insight that can be used to build a personalised event that really resonates.

6. Make your guests feel memorable

One of the most useful functions of event registration software is that it allows you to build up an in-depth profile of your guests. The next time you invite them to an event, as well as addressing them by name, demonstrate the fact that you remember them by confirming if their personal information is still relevant. Leverage off the power of event registration software by making use of the information it allows you to collect.

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