Six ways event software is saving brands money

Hosting an event is a costly process at the best of times. Every cent counts, which means that astute event mangers are always on the look-out for innovative ways to reduce overheads, without compromising on the quality of the event at hand.

Their go-to trick? Event software – one simple solution that not only streamlines the planning and management of an event, but more importantly, saves their clients substantial amounts of money. If you’re wondering exactly how the savviest event planners are using event software to their advantage, read on.

Implementing event software means that you’ll no longer have to fork out for an employee tasked with managing the RSVP process.

The majority of event managers rely on a member of staff to handle the sending out of invitations and collating RSVPs. Besides paying them a salary, they have to consider costs such as office space, internet access and the like. Event software on the other hand, automates this from start to finish, which means that you’ll not only enjoy a more efficient process, you’ll have one less staff member that you need to budget for.

Pre-designed templates can be re-purposed repeatedly – eliminating the need to hire a graphic designer.

Whether theme or company specific, event software enables you to quickly edit a template and just insert the relevant copy. They’ve wisened up to the fact that creating every single invitation from scratch, which requires the costly skills of a graphic designer isn’t only unnecessary – it’s a waste of money too.

Event software gives you the inside scoop on which of your guests are the most likely to cancel at the last minute.

A pet hate among event managers is having to deal with flaky guests and the run-around that ensues. Having to fill a seat at the last minute is often impossible, which means that the cost of the guest’s meal, gift bag and name tag has been completely wasted. This needless exercise can be entirely avoided by acting on information event software is able to deliver in real time. You’ll be able to easily identify the individuals who repeatedly cancel, and invite another guest in their place – avoiding a frustrating and costly process.

Your event registration process will be less of a headache for you and your guests.

Instead of having to hire all the apparatus associated with old-school check-in stations like bulky desktop computers, printers, modems and extension cords (not to mention extra staff) planners using event software are able to whittle down the process into one that’s quick, and efficient. Since event software is hosted entirely online, event managers are able to orchestrate everything from their mobiles or tablets via 3g – enabling them to save on paper and printing costs, as well as the time it takes to check in each guest.

Planners can access crucial information about regular attendees around the clock.

Having to repeatedly ask guests about dietary requirements or their golf-shirt size is a tiresome task. Luckily, event managers using event software don’t have to suffer through this, as all they data they collect about their guests is stored for future reference. They’re able to make informed decisions about catering and gifts, instead of having to guestimate – which often results in money spent on supplies that go to waste.

Thanks to event software, having to source a venue for an event that’s over capacity is no longer an issue.

Event planners organising open events often have to find an alternative space due to an over-abundance of attendees. Having measures in place that will cut-off registration capabilities is vital when running an event that’s likely to result in an avalanche of people clamouring to attend. Smart event managers rely on event software to notify guests when the event has reached capacity – enabling them to stick to their original budget.

Holding an event that’s both budget-friendly and that paints your brand in a positive light is increasingly difficult to do – luckily, event software enables planners to save on superfluous activities and resources, without jeopardising the quality of their events.

Image Credit: Wellness Elevated