How to supercharge your corporate gift ideas

Coming up with corporate gift ideas that truly delight every single recipient is impossible. Unless you’re using your guest database that is. Besides elevating your events, your database is your secret weapon when it comes to finding corporate gift ideas that impress. As we’ve blogged about before, the more you know about your guests, the easier it is to give them relevant experiences (and gifts) that truly resonate. Unfortunately, few brands are using their database to do this, relying instead on generic gifts that do more harm than good.

Gifting your clients with a generic gift is the equivalent of presenting a friend with soap-on-a-rope on Christmas morning

Ill thought-out, generic gifts that are the opposite of personal, relay the sentiment that you couldn’t be bothered to take the time to think about what your guests would actually like to receive.

We’ve previously written about how corporate gift ideas as we know them (branded pens, lanyards, USB drives) are outdated, and end up achieving the opposite of your marketing objectives. As brands up the ante of their marketing efforts in order to capture the hearts (and wallets) of their customers, one-size-fits all corporate gift ideas will only accomplish a negative sentiment about your brand (not to mention wasting your most precious commodities – time and money).

The first and foremost commandment of corporate gifting is ‘Thy shall use your data’

Your guest database gives you insight into who your guests are, as well as the way they interact with your brand. As with any other marketing endeavour (of which events play a crucial role), your database is paramount in helping you to understand your guests. By using the information you have about them, you’ll be able to determine which corporate gift ideas are the best fit.

Data-driven corporate gift ideas are a crucial part of your marketing strategy and go a long way in assisting your efforts to create brand evangelists.

Corporate gifts that are based on data are a powerful way to delight customers and employees alike. In an age where consumers are ever-wary of the intentions of a brand, authentic, personal connections are essential. By giving your existing and potential clients thoughtful, personalised gifts, you’ll be able to facilitate loyalty and ultimately, buy-in. Use the data you already have at your disposal: their demographics, occupation and location, as well as their preferences of accommodation, drinks, and food (if they’ve chosen a Halaal option, you’ll know to send them a ‘thank you for your patronage’ gift instead of a Christmas present) all help you to paint a detailed picture of the person behind the name.

In order to choose the most appropriate corporate gift ideas, however, you’ll need a well-organised database, and the software to maximise its efficacy.

Using a database to segment clients, guests and employees based on personal criteria is a powerful way to not only choose your corporate gift ideas, but power-up your entire offering. In order to make sure your collecting the right information, you’ll need to make use of Event Management Software. You’ll be able to collect the information you need, and access it easily from a central dashboard. Our Guest Concierge Management software is updated in real time too – so whenever a guest RSVPs or checks-in, their profile will automatically reflect any changes in their personal details.

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