The five major ways investing in an ERM™ solution pays off

Just like the most prudent investments – that beach house that’s now worth ten times the amount you bought it for, the money you spent on an MBA, or those units trusts you bought back in the day, the proverbial dividends paid out by ERM software are prolific.

If you’re wondering what these benefits actually look like, you’re in luck. We’ve listed the multiple ways in which this investment pays off, big time.



1.You can build rich, agile profiles of your guests

The ticket to events that result in ROI? Data. Thanks to its data capturing capabilities, ERM software enables you to easily gather a wide range of information about your guests. And it’s this very data that enables you to create events that are relevant and that resonate with your guests. Our ERM platform features multiple ways to do this: from invitations with customisable form fields, right through to post-event surveys to gauge guest sentiment post your events.

2.Your event team is freed up to tackle the myriad small details of your event

Thanks to the fact that ERM software automates the entire RSVP process (amazing, right?), your event team now has precious time to dedicate to the million and one other things on their to-do list. You no longer need to have several employees whose sole responsibility is to orchestrate the time-consuming and hair-pulling experience of gathering RSVPs. And less money spent on extraneous staff means more budget for the rest of your event.

3.You mitigate against human error

Every event sees some sort of error occur – and the majority of these “Oh no’s!” are down to overworked staff and manual miss-steps. However, when you use ERM software to collect, collate and store all event information, you greatly reduce the chance of an oversight that costs you time and money.

4.You save money that would otherwise have been spent on multiple event management solutions

One program for your guest lists, one for tracking email invites, another one to manage vendor information, and yet another one to manage your event app can see you racking up expenses – before you’ve even secured a venue. ERM software replaces the need for multiple programs and software, enabling you to manage every single aspect of your event, in real-time, both offsite and on.

5.Sensitive data is secured

Event managers are privy to confidential information daily. From the personal particulars of every single guest to the top-secret riders of performers and banking details of vendors, ERM software stores all data in the cloud – protecting it from theft and loss due to both data breaches or intentional harm.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s events. With over 20 years in the event industry, we’re all too aware of just how much time and energy go into pulling off a world-class event. And that’s why we built event management software: to help event managers plan and manage the event experience, from start to finish, without the headache.


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