The qualities of event branding that elicit emotional investment

event-branding-FOMO Are you able to deliver an event branding experience that leaves non-attendees with feelings of deep regret at having missed out? As a corporate event organiser, you  want to create event experiences that are so sought-after that people will do anything to be on your event’s guest list. This emotional, fear response that often drives people to attend an event (so as not to miss out on something great) has been popularly coined as ‘the fear of missing out’ – or ‘FOMO’. For those in the corporate event industry especially, you’ll want to learn how to inspire some good doses of FOMO into the prospective guests on your guest list.

How to generate FOMO with your event branding and marketing strategies

Your event branding strategy will be an important channel for creating the needed levels of FOMO around your upcoming event. In their blog on ‘How to Build FOMO for Your Events’, the team at Eventbrite provide six tips for generating a FOMO response around your promised event experience. These include: Doing “something cool” (or unusual) to generate interest around your corporate event branding, setting up a socially integrated event page to “showcase the collective excitement…surrounding your event”, using influential word-of-mouth networks to rally event attendance, and creating a teaser campaign to build anticipation for the big occasion.

Event branding tips for creating that buzz around your event

FOMO strategies aside, guests want to feel excited about attending your event for what the experience will offer them on the day. Promise your guests a certain level of exclusivity – through your high-class venue choice, delectable menu selection, or upmarket entertainment options.  Make sure that your event branding includes the promise – and delivery – of value-add. Let your guests know that they will learn or gain something from attending your event. This could be in the form of insights from a well-known guest speaker, or through an experiential element at your event that invites quest’s participation.

Don’t forget the personal touch

A crucial aspect of event branding that elicits a positive emotional response from your guests is personalisation. A personalised touch to every point of contact with your guests will go a long way in making them feel valued and important. This can be done easily by using Event Management Software that allows you to send personalised invitations and SMS reminders. You want your guests to feel that you specifically want them to join your not-to-be-missed event experience.

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