The time management perks of automated event RSVPs

Preparing reams of paperwork, standing in endless queues, and waiting for hours on end to be attended to –  this has long been the order of the day for getting those more mundane things in life done. Thanks to advances in modern technology, however, all these soul destroying tasks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We can now do our banking, pay our bills and renew our licenses and registrations from just about any location that has the appropriate internet connectivity for our digital devices. This is producing a modern consumer that is accustomed to being continuously on the move.

Time management for them entails using timesaving solutions that are often digital. It’s easy to see how there will soon be little left to slow them down…

Are your event experiences streamlined enough to keep up with evolving technology?

Because time is money, and guests have lower tolerance levels for time-wasting activities, you will need to look to how you can save your guests’ time, while engaging them in your event experience from the get-go.

How are you interacting with your guests before each event? Are you flooding their email inboxes with event invitations and reminders, or are things being done more tastefully and unobtrusively? When they get to your event, are you expecting your guests to stand in long queues to register? Do you require them to fill in forms and sign pieces of paper before letting them into the event? Or, is your registration process perhaps more seamless and effortless than this?

Event Registration Software helps to smooth the invitation and registration process considerably

Using automated Event Registration Software is one way to accomplish a more streamlined event experience that promotes effective time management for both yourself and your guests.

Uniquely designed event invitations are sent to each guest’s email inbox via an online Event Management Software system. Guest’s responses are then unobtrusively tracked and monitored through the same system.

Event Registration Software makes guests’ responses to your event invitations as easy as a single mouse click – so no prolonged RSVP process required for them to complete. Guest’s RSVPs can be automatically received and captured to one system for processing. Follow-up is only then needed with those guests who fail to respond to your invitations, so you won’t waste anyone’s time with an unnecessary phone call or email.

Event access is made easy through the QR code technology associated with your Event RSVP Software

Once at your event, Event Registration Software that generates unique QR codes for each guest allows them to use printed event tickets or tickets saved onto their mobile devices to speedily register and gain access to event proceedings. Personalised QR codes can also be loaded with information about each guest’s meal and dietary requirements, thus serving as a meal ticket. Automating processes in this way is a great time management and time saving trick.

Speeding up the registration and RSVP process frees up more time for you to wow guests at your event

With your event’s invitation and registration process properly taken care of through your choice of event management technology, you can focus on the finer details of pulling off a winning event.

How are those canapes and welcome drinks looking? If you need some additional information regarding upcoming event technology that you can incorporate into your guests’ event experiences, download our Event Technology 101 guide.

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