‘Up’ your event management game with these 6 event planning solutions

event-management-pyramid.jpg Social Tables has developed a neat diagram called the Event Planning Process Pyramid, which identifies six stages (or steps) involved in event management and planning. These stages (from the bottom of the pyramid to its top) are Define, Plan, Communicate, Source, Manage and Measure.

For the modern day Marketing Manager, the good news is that most, if not all, of these stages can be paired with existing digital technologies to automate processes and reduce the amount of time, manpower and revenue that you have to spend on organising your corporate events.

We thought we would have a look at some of the event management software solutions on the market that are helping marketing managers streamline many of the tasks involved in the planning and hosting of their corporate events.

1.Define the event’s objectives

The first stage in the Event Planning Process Pyramid involves clarifying your event’s objectives. Are you wanting to run a corporate event to network, promote a new product, or celebrate the end of a year’s achievements? Your event will be designed around your main goals as well as the data you have already gathered from previous events about what makes for a successful event.

2.Plan (project timelines, programs and designs)

Event managers can leverage the following event management tools to help plan their events:

  • 3D Event Designer helps with the designing of 2D and 3D interactive floor plans to help you showcase event spaces and plan your event’s setup, décor, seating and colours.
  • Planning Pod’s online project management software solution assists event professionals with assigning tasks to clients and staff, planning budgets, tracking electronic files, and communicating and collaborating with staff and clients during the planning of an event.
  • When it comes to international travel, Fly.another.day helps you plan your events around major international holidays or events, so that you can maximise on the best meeting dates and locations and on guest participation.

3. Communicate

Communication with guests prior to an event is crucial for information-sharing, generating excitement around your event, and building a good relationship with them and your brand.

  • This can be achieved through email marketing, social media channels and event registration software.
    Although mostly designed for the marketing of concerts and gigs, Crowdfm can be used by marketing managers as a single platform for scheduling posts and event updates to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Most online RSVP and event management tools come with built in communication solutions that allow for the sending of email invitations and follow-up communication with guests.

4. Source

Event management involves hours of research on suitable event venues and locations, caterers, decorators, photographers, sound and lighting technicians, accommodation and transport options.

  • UberEvents helps you plan ahead and organise rides and transport for your guests to and from your event’s location.

5. Manage

Managing an event program on the day takes a great deal of planning and synchronising. Your organisation skills need to be top notch to pull off a seamless event experience.

  • Convetica is a great app that helps you manage schedules, speakers and sponsors. It also works as a social networking tool for event guests. Presentations can be shared within the app and it can be used to take immediate surveys and polls for future event experiences.
  • MeetApp uses mobile technology to increase engagement with your guests through quick polls, open questions and active dialogues. It is also a great information sharing and gathering tool.

6. Measure

The quality of your next corporate event will rely on the type of information that you can gather from your event guests. Measuring the success of your event is the last stage of the event management process.

  • Event Attendance Pro is a desktop software solution that allows event organisers to track attendance at their events and allows them to run reports in real-time.

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Image Credit: www.ancient-code.com