Want to make the most of your event data? Try thinking like a kid on Easter morning.

If you’ve ever observed a bunch of children on Easter, you’ve probably noticed that some kids are better at finding Easter eggs than others. The ones who’re able to collect the most eggs are the children who approach the treasure hunt with a methodical strategy, and often, the help of a grown up. Making the most out of your event data is much like an Easter egg hunt. Here’s why:

If you look for Easter eggs haphazardly, you’ll miss a whole lot of them. The same goes for your event data.

When Easter Sunday rolls around, there are some children who emerge from the crush of over-eager youngsters with an impressive haul of Easter eggs that’s so large, it’ll see them through to the next year. (In theory, at least.) So what makes some children more successful at hunting for eggs than others? There’s method to their madness. Over-excited youngsters who search haphazardly tend to miss a whole lot of Easter eggs. The children who manage to find the most chocolaty delights, are the ones who search strategically instead.

By using a strategic, methodical approach in the form of sophisticated event software, you’ll be able to find every single piece of valuable treasure. The only difference is that you’re searching for hidden data, instead of chocolate eggs.

Just like looking for Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, your approach to your event data should be the same. In other words, the harder you look, the more you’ll find.

Some kids are able to enlist their parents to help them in their search for Easter treasure. While this may not be entirely fair, it is smart. By seeking the help of a person who’s no doubt conducted their fair share of Easter egg hunts, they’re able to find eggs that they would have otherwise overlooked.

Your event data is a treasure trove of invaluable pieces of information. If you want to make sure that you don’t overlook a single piece of data, it’s wise to equip yourself with an intelligent tool. Using event software that’s been specifically created by event planners for event planners makes the hunt for data infinitely easier, helping you to identify nuggets of information that you otherwise might have missed.

Easter eggs come in all shapes, sizes and flavours, just like your event data.

An Easter egg haul typically consists of a whole basket full of different eggs: hollow milk chocolate eggs, crème eggs, marshmallow eggs, eggs shaped like a chicken – the list is endless. The kids with the biggest grins after an Easter eggs hunt are the ones who’ve collected a host of different – yet equally delicious – Easter eggs.

Your event data is exactly the same, in the sense that it contains a wide assortment of different types of information. Making use of intelligent event software enables you to uncover every single piece of different data, and then collect it in a central place.

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Image credit – Pix Shark