Why event registration is a critical component of event marketing

event-registration-software If your event registration is little more than an after-thought, listen up! Many corporate event planners unwittingly put their event registration last on their to-do list. After all, securing a venue, strategising and implementing a social media marketing plan, as well as working closely with vendors are the most crucial aspects that need to be addressed right off the bat, right? Wrong. If you’re guilty of the latter, read on to learn why your event registration process should be the first thing you tackle when coordinating a corporate event. (Your event marketing strategy will thank you.)

An event is nothing without its attendees. If you don’t have a guest-centric, superior registration process in place, you’ll be left with an empty venue.

In other words, you need to make sure that guests can register as easily as possible for your event in order to get them through the door – and launch your entire event marketing strategy. Many corporate events rely on pre-registration or on-site self-check in, but fail to give these the required amount of attention. The result? Lacklustre attendance rates and guests left with a bad taste in their mouth – rendering all other event marketing efforts moot. Before you go about implementing the rest of your event marketing plan, make sure that your event registration is set up in such a way that makes the process as painless as possible (for you and your guests).

Registering for an event – whether online or in the flesh – is one of the very first interactions your guests have with your brand. In order for an event marketing plan to succeed, this needs to be a positive one.

If you’re holding an event to woo potential customers, you need to do everything in your power to convey the right message right from the start. Having them wait in long lines, or attempt to navigate a confusing online registration form negates even the most innovative event marketing efforts – way before people have even set foot in your event.

Your guests are already forming an opinion of your brand as they register; a seamless, simplified experience is essential if you want to make this a good one.

Your registration process should facilitate these three key qualities: ease of use, interactive and streamlined.

Just like all other aspects of an event marketing plan, after registering for your event, your guests need to feel valued and respected. Alienating them by having them struggle with complicated form fields or endure a substantial wait in line will only ensure one thing: that any other event marketing aspects they come into contact with will be entirely ineffective.  A good litmus test is by testing out your registration process yourself. Ask yourself: is the page user-friendly? Can the self-check in function be easily navigated? If you’re conducting on-site registration via the use of concierges, make sure all check-in staff are thoroughly trained to provide guests with a smooth and professional experience.

Effective event marketing hinges on getting your timing right; so too does event registration

If you want to strike while the proverbial iron is hot, you’ll need to time your registration process perfectly. Open any online registration too early, and guests will end up putting it off until it’s too late. Open registration too late, however, and guests will already have other events diarised. Make sure that you’re allowing enough time for guests to RSVP, but that the window of opportunity is narrow enough for attendees to feel like they need to register as soon as possible.

Get your event marketing plan off to a winning start by making use of event registration software

Getting smart about event registration is a whole lot easier when you’re equipped with the right tools. Using intuitive, cloud-based software will enable you to conduct on-site registration (as well as offer guests a self-check-inn option) that runs smoothly and sets the right tone for the event to come. Making use of event registration software doesn’t just aid your registration – it enables you to collect vital guest data that’s crucial for constructing an event experience that resonates.

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