Why QR codes are leading the latest event technology race in innovation and safety

Have you ever used Quick Response (QR) codes for your event registration? QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that store data and can be scanned and read by Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. They look something like this:

When it comes to the latest event technology, QR codes are fast becoming the ‘in thing’ because of how they simplify and consolidate the event registration process. They’re also exciting to interact with, and lend themselves to some creative use in further engaging your guests in the event experience. 

The following are some of the imaginative ways that you can use the QR code as touch points at your next corporate event:

QR codes are fun, interactive and improve guests’ safety at your events.

Because QR codes are so easy to encode, print and distribute, they lend themselves to being used in a number of versatile ways. Other than being used digitally for event access you can:  

  • Use QR codes in your print marketing during the build up to your event. Attach them in emails or post them onto your social media channels to entice people to engage with your online event brand.
  • Print them out as wearable armbands and ask guests to use them to access your event or certain venues outside of the main event location. o Print them onto welcome packs and encode them with additional information about the order of events for the day, or link them to exclusive event-related video footage.  
  • Include this latest event technology in brochures as a direct link to sponsors and other marketing information.
  • Print them onto moveable objects, such as your event management team’s T-shirts. QR codes have been painted on cars before and even converted into tattoos.
  • Turn them into 3-dimensional objects, like cubes, or display them digitally on screens around your venue.

The downside to QR codes mean that you need to ensure that your email invitation software is ‘hacker-safe’.

Because QR codes are a relatively easy event technology to make, it means that hackers can also use them as a means to encrypt and spread viruses. The good news? Using an established and reputable email invitation software system will eliminate the chance of your event QR codes being tampered with.

The latest event technology, combined with sophisticated Event Registration Software, allows you to generate secure QR codes for all of your guests, and ensures that the personal information that is encoded on them remains private. These codes can be sent directly to event guests (via email, SMS or as a printable ticket), so event access remains private and secure. 

Codes can be stored on guest’s smartphones and used to access event venues, which eliminates an unnecessary paper trail or the chance of guests losing their event tickets. 

If you are interested in finding out more about some of the latest event technology on offer, download our guide  ‘Event Technology 101’. I

mage Credit: www.youngdarren.com