A year in event management: blog round up part II

In our last post, we reviewed the top five event planning blogs from the first half of 2015. We’ve rounded up our best event management blogs of the second half of the year below, so if you’ve been too busy to have a read through some of the best event management tips, tricks and advice, we’ve got you covered!

1. How to get ROI from your events regardless of budgetary constraints

Every event – no matter the budget – aims to achieve ROI. But what’s the best way to go about this? We discuss the ways in which you can fine-tune your event management to make sure your events result in engagement, and ultimately, a return on investment.

2. The top three mistakes event planners make and how to avoid them

Event planners aren’t infallible. In fact, we make just as many mistakes as any other professional. The difference however, is that we learn from ours. Don’t let your event management suffer at the hands of these three all-too-common mistakes:

3. Five questions corporate event planners fail to ask

Streamlined and informed event management requires thorough research on your part. You need to know what to ask your clients in order to provide them with an event that succeeds – and exceeds their expectations. Make sure your events aren’t suffering due to inadequate knowledge – read on for the five most important questions you need to be asking your clients.

4. Top eight time management tips for busy event planners

Getting everything done – while holding on to your sanity – calls for a tight handle on time management. The closer you are to a deadline, the faster time seems to go! Make sure you start 2016 off on the right foot by schooling yourself on the eight most effective ways to hack your time management, here.

5. Six essential ingredients for a potent event marketing plan

How do you make sure that those who need to know about your event actually rock up? By devising a strategic event marketing plan that projects the right image of your event, as well as eliciting the desired emotional response from your potential guests. Make sure your 2016 events are well-attended, by making use of these six all-important ingredients.

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