A year in event planning: blog round up part 1

2015 has come and (almost) gone in a flash. If you’ve missed out on some of our best event planning blogs, fear not! We’ve rounded up our most-loved blogs of 2015. Before you switch off your laptop for a much deserved break, join us as we review our five best blogs of the year.

1. The human side to access control

High profile events require strict access control. However, some events require a balance of efficient guest list management, discernment and compassion. The late Madiba’s 90th birthday was one example of how bending the event planning rules is the best approach to access control. Read about how a little girl and her elderly grandfather captured Madiba’s heart – and taught us a valuable event planning lesson in the process.

2. Why event planners make the best Valentines

Event planners aren’t just masters of multi-tasking – they’re also high up on the list of individuals who make a great date. We list the top six reasons why event planners should be your Valentine, including a knack for communicating, an ability to stay cool under pressure and a finger on the pulse that rivals Twitter.

3. Seven traits of exceptional event planners

Event planning isn’t for everyone. Those who excel are individuals who exhibit a variety of strengths, like an ability to predict the future (or as close to it as possible), the ability to analyse data, and a dedication to building up their teams. Read more about the seven qualities that separate the event planning experts from the rest, and see if you make the grade, here.

4. How to up your event planning leadership skills

If there’s one word that describes an event planner, it’s ‘driven’. Those in the event planning industry are always working – on themselves, their teams and their projects – in an attempt to add to their expertise and build a reputation that shines. But what does it take to be an effective leader in this demanding role? We look at the most effective ways of upping your leadership skills, gleaned from the unique approach of Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, who transformed the company into one of the most successful entities in the world.

5. How event surveys help you build better customer relationships

Success boils down to one thing, and one thing only: the quality of your relationships. Without the ability to relate to your customers, getting them to trust your brand is a hard task indeed. In order to build authentic relationships, you need to know as much as you can about your target market. Thanks to the power of event surveys, you’re able to tap into the zeitgeist of your customers – giving them the opportunity to tell you what they like, dislike and hope to garner from attending your events. We discuss the best ways to implement an event survey in order to achieve enduring relationships with the very market you’re courting.

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